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To fulfil Statistics Sweden’s mission as a producer of statistics, its activities are organised around data collection and the production of statistics and analysis.

In addition to an Executive Office, comprised of the Director General and the Deputy Director General, Statistics Sweden has a number of departments, support units, and specialised functions.

The departments are:

  • Data Management
  • Economic Statistics and Analysis
  • Information Technology, and
  • Social Statistics and Analysis.

The remit of the support units and specialised functions cover the whole agency. The following specialised functions are grouped directly under the Executive Office:

  • Data Protection
  • Human Resources (support unit)
  • Internal Audit
  • Communication (support unit)
  • Methodology and Architecture Governance (support unit)
  • Corporate Management (support unit)
  • Security, and
  • Business Management and Support (support unit).

Statistics Sweden’s organisation chart (pdf)

Statistics Sweden’s Management Group

The Management Group is an advisory organ to the Director General and consists of the Executive Office (the Director General and Deputy Director General) and the heads of the support units.

Based on knowledge of their own areas of responsibility and keeping in mind the best interests of Statistics Sweden, the members of the Management Group assist the Director General in the management of the agency. They also communicate the objectives of the Management Group within the agency. The Management Group of Statistics Sweden consists of the following people:

  • Joakim Stymne, Director General
  • Helen Stoye, Deputy Director General and Head of the Business Management and Support Unit
  • Anna Elvkull, Director of the Data Management Department
  • Cecilia Hertzman, Director of the Information Technology Department
  • Elisabeth Hopkins, Director of the Economic Statistics and Analysis Department
  • Magnus Sjöström, Director of the Social Statistics and Analysis Department
  • Maria Svedberg, Head of the Human Resources Unit
  • Marie Haldorson, Head of the Methodology and Architecture Governance Unit
  • Mikael Schöllin, Head of the Corporate Management Unit, Head of the Communication Unit.