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Balance of Payments (BoP)

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Statistics Sweden has been compiling and publishing the balance of payments on behalf of the Riksbank since 2007.

This page refers to data being gathered for the financial account in the following areas:

  • Foreign direct investment
  • Portfolio investment
  • Financial derivates
  • Other investments

With regard to amendments to statistics according to new international requirements, changes in reporting have been implemented as from January 2013. To report foreign direct investment, financial derivatives and other investments, please click Log on here in the upper right hand margin of this page. Portfolio investment retains its current method of reporting until further notice.

Survey instructions in English

If you require survey instructions in English please contact us at,

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There is an obligation to provide information according to the Sveriges Riksbank Act (1988:1385), Chapter 6, Section 9. More information is available in the Riksbank statutes (RBFS 2002:4).

The information provided by companies to Statistics Sweden is confidential according to the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (2009:400), Chapter 24, Section 8.

Publishing of the results

The results of the survey are published under the subject area Business activities. The data is also included as a part of the Financial accounts.

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