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Direct investment is part of Sweden's balance of payments. Direct investments and other posts, portfolio investments, financial derivatives, reserve assets and other investments such as loans and deposits, are all represented in the financial account. Since 2007 the balance of payments statistics is compiled and disseminated by Statistics Sweden on behalf of Sweden’s Riksbank.

The data is used among other things for national accounts estimates of GDP and economic analysis and trade negotiations. Besides Sweden’s Riksbank, important users of the statistics are the European Central Bank, Eurostat, International monetary fund and others.


The survey or direct investments is divided between a monthly a yearly survey.

Monthly survey

The monthly survey contains three reports, Di43, Di44 and Di45.

Di43 – Direct investments in Sweden – Equity

This report contains transaction regarding ownership and equity in Swedish companies owned from abroad.

Di44 – Direct investment abroad – Equity

This report contains transaction regarding ownership and equity in foreign companies owned from Sweden.

Di45 – Direct investments – Loans and dividends

This report contains financial claims and liabilities towards foreign group companies and branch offices and dividends to/from abroad.

Yearly survey

The survey contains two reports, 1346 and 1347.

1346 – Foreign direct investments in Sweden

This report contains result and balance statements for Swedish companies owned from abroad.

1347 – Swedish direct investments abroad

This report contains result and balance statements for foreign companies owned from Sweden.

Ad hoc forms

We also have two forms that are sent out when needed, for example when we have received information via press releases that a transaction has taken place that needs to be recorded in the balance of payments, but where we need additional information.

Form 1340 - Foreign direct investment in Sweden – ad hoc

This report contains transaction regarding ownership and equity in Swedish companies owned from abroad.

1340 Instructions (pdf)

Form 1341 - Swedish direct investment abroad – ad hoc

This report contains result and balance statements for foreign companies owned from Sweden.

1341 Instructions (pdf)

Time plan

Deadline for answering the monthly survey is the 15th of every month (or the next coming workday if the 15th occurs on a weekend or holy day). Deadline for answering the yearly survey is 2021-05-31.

Your response

Obligation to provide information to Statistics Sweden for the balance of payments is pursuant to Chapter 6, § 9 Act (1988:1385), Sveriges Riksbank and RBFS 2002:4.

Any information provided to us is handled with strict confidentially according to Chapter 24. 8 § Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (2009:400) and will be used only for statistical purposes.

Frequently asked questions

What is the definition of a direct investment?

Direct investment means that there is a direct or indirect ownership between two companies of at least 10% of the voting rights. This is known as a direct investment relationship. All financial transactions that take place between these companies are defined as direct investments.

Which loan should be included in the reports?

Financial liabilities and claims against foreign ownership group, foreign subsidiaries and foreign affiliate companies shall be included. This includes loans, account balances and deposits as well as loans related to capital leases.

How should interests be reported?

Interest revenue/expenses shall only include the interest revenue or expense during the reference period (month or year). Accrued interest shall be included in the balances of the loans.

How should the amount be reported?

Monthly survey, form Di45

Loans are reported in the currency of denomination, in thousands. Dividends are reported in thousands of SEK. Dividends in foreign currencies must be translated into SEK at the exchange rate at the transaction date.

Monthly survey, form Di43 and Di44

Amounts are reported in thousands SEK.

Yearly survey, form 1346 and 1347

Amounts are reported in millions SEK.

How do anticipated dividends be reported?

Dividends are reported the month in which the dividend was recorded. Anticipated dividends shall also be reported as a liability or claim until payment is made.

What is meant by foreign group ownership?

A company that is owned (direct or indirect) by a foreign group or parent company.

What is meant by foreign subsidiaries?

Direct or indirectly owned companies abroad.

What is meant by foreign affiliate companies?

Foreign companies which belong to the same group as the Swedish company but where the common ultimate group parent owns the foreign companies through a different chain of ownership.

Publishing of the results

The results of the monthly survey are published each quarter under the subject area Sweden’s Balance of Payments.

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