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Frequently asked questions

How do I log in?

You must log in before you can submit your data electronically. Login details have been sent to you by post. If you have lost the login details, please contact Statistics Sweden for help.

I’m having problems filling in the survey, what should I do?

Start by reading the instructions for the online reporting below. If the problem persists, please contact Statistics Sweden and we will assist you.

How to report via online questionnaire (pdf)

Can the information be submitted via file?

Respondents which expect to have many transactions with many countries may also choose to report via file.

How to report via file (pdf)

Would you like to report via file? Contact us and we will help you get started.

What do I do if I don't have time to report before the final reply date?

You can apply for a short-term extension of the response time. This is most easily done via email. Estimates should be made if exact information cannot be provided in time.

How can submitted data be changed/corrected?

The form remains open when you have submitted the data. If you need to change something you can do so by logging into the survey again, correct the information and resubmit the form.

The business operations have changed, how do I proceed?

Inform us about all operational changes, such as changed name, transferred activities, whether operations have been sold or taken over, bankruptcy, or changes in the industrial classification. Inform us by using the form's comment box, via mail or phone (details of the new address and company name can be changed directly in the online form).

Do we have to participate in the survey?

There is an obligation to supply information in accordance with the Sveriges Riksbank Act (1988:1385) and the Riksbank's regulations (RBFS 2002:4). This means that there is a legal duty to disclose the information to Statistics Sweden. The Riksbank has the right to impose fines on a company, organization or government agency that does not report.

How long do we have to participate in the survey?

The sample is drawn every year, but only a portion of the sample is updated annually. This means that a respondent can be selected for several years before it is rotated out. The idea is to maintain a certain continuity and comparability in the survey, while spreading the response burden over time.

Why can’t Statistics Sweden retrieve information from the tax return?

It is not possible for us to use only VAT data because the Swedish Tax Agency’s definition of trade in services differs in some cases from our/Eurostat’s definition. In addition, the VAT data are not sufficiently detailed.

Must the data be accumulated?

The requested data is only from the reference quarter and is not data accumulated over several quarters.

Can I get paid for providing information about my company?

No. The provision of data is a statutory obligation for companies and organizations; therefore, there is no compensation. Neither Statistics Sweden nor any other government agency has received funds to compensate companies for the provision of data to the official statistics.