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Investment survey

This survey is now included in the Quarterly Economic Statistics,

Information on investments and investment plans is essential for analysing the progression of the Swedish economy and as a basis for preparing the national budget.

Users of the statistics include the Ministry of Finance, the National Institute of Economic Research, trade organisations and individual enterprises, as well as for Statistics Sweden’s production of the gross domestic product (GDP).


Survey timetable

Quarter 3
Last date for submitting the form: 15 October 2021.
Mail-out: 20 September 2021.

Quarter 4
Last date for submitting the form: 31 January 2022.
Mail-out: 10 January 2022.

Frequently asked questions

I’ve lost my login details – what should I do?

E-mail or call us and specify which survey it concerns; don’t forget to state either the V-number or the corporate ID number.

How should I report my values?

State the values in SEK thousands. For example, if you are reporting an investment of SEK 100 000, then write 100 SEK thousands. Do not use minus signs or commas when entering the amounts.

Our enterprise has gone bankrupt or merged with another company – what should I do?

Submit data for the quarters in which the enterprise was still active and enter 0 for the remaining quarters if the enterprise has gone bankrupt. Include a comment about this at the end before submitting the data. The same applies for a merger – submit data for the quarters before the merger and enter 0 for the remainder of the year. If you have information about the new enterprise, please include this at the end before submitting the data.

The wrong contact person is listed in the letter – how do I change this?

When you log in to submit your information, you must first confirm that the contact details are correct. Please correct any inaccurate contact details.

The address is wrong – how do I change this?

Log in and change the address information before proceeding to the form.

I submitted incorrect information – how do I rectify this? Can I submit a new form?

Forms for the current year always remain open for adjustment so you can log in at any time, make corrections and submit the new information.

Can I be reimbursed for submitting information about my enterprise?

No. Submitting information is a legal obligation for enterprises and organisations, which is why there is no remuneration. Neither Statistics Sweden nor any other government agency has been granted funds for remunerating enterprises for submitting information for the official statistics.

Where to find the final statistics

The results of the survey will be published as statistical news on Statistics Sweden’s web page for business activities after each survey.

More about the survey 

This survey only concerns Swedish activities and covers enterprises in mining and quarrying; manufacturing; electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply; water supply, sewerage, waste management and remediation activities; construction; wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles; banking and insurance activities; transportation and storage; information and communication; professional, scientific and technical activities; enterprises within administrative and support service activities; and real estate management.

The Investment Survey is carried out four times a year. All enterprises with more than 200 employees are included, as well as a sample of enterprises with fewer employees. A new sample is drawn every year, when part of the sample is renewed.

Publishing of the results

View the final statistics

Legal Information

There is a statutory obligation to provide information under the Official Statistics Act (2001:99). The statistics are also regulated in accordance with the Official Statistics Ordinance (SFS 2001:100) and Statistics Sweden’s regulations (SCB-FS 2019:6).

Submitted data is protected pursuant to Chapter 24, Section 8 of the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (2009:400). When the statistics are published, no single local unit will be identifiable. Consultation has taken place with the Board of Swedish Industry and Commerce for Better Regulation (NNR).

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Investment survey

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