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Producer price index for services

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The purpose of producer price index for services (SPPI) is to estimate average quarterly price development on services bought and sold by Swedish companies.

The index numbers are used for inflation measurements, national account calculations of economic growth. It’s also used for index of services, productivity development in fixed prices and price regulations in long term agreements.


  • The service reported should be representative for the activity/operation and be as consistent as possible over time. The purpose of collecting other features than prices is to make an assessment of quality, if changes in services occur.
  • Login details will be sent to you by e-mail in the beginning of each quarter. Thus, it is of great importance to correctly specify your e-mail address.
  • The information can be reported in your preferred currency. Prices reported in a foreign currency will be converted into SEK.


Survey timetable

Last date for submission for survey year 2022:

  • Quarter 1: 20/4 2022
  • Quarter 2: 20/7 2022
  • Quarter 3 20/10 2022
  • Quarter 4: 10/2 2023

Frequently asked questions

How do I log in?
To submit your information electronically, you need to log in first. The login details will be sent to you by e-mail in the beginning of each quarter; do not forget to provide us with the correct e-mail address.

I no longer have the login details. How do I get new ones?
Please e-mail us at Remember to state your corporate identification number.

What should I do if I cannot submit my report before the deadline?
You can apply for permission to extend the deadline by a short period. Please note that the deadline can only be extended by a few days, as the calculation and publication are carried out regularly each quarter.

How do I change contact persons?
You can change contact details in the web form or e-mail us at We will then update your contact details. Please remember to provide the correct e-mail address, as all mailings and other information are distributed by e-mail.

The price of our service rarely changes; can we submit the same price for several quarters?
If the price will remain the same for some time, you can submit a price in advance. Please contact us at and we will enter it for you, or make a comment about it in the web form.

I need to amend my information as it was incorrect, what should I do?
Once the information has been submitted to Statistics Sweden, it is locked. If you want to amend/supplement the information, the easiest way is to email us for help to amend the information.

The price of the service is no longer representative. What do we do?
Replace the service with a different service within the same product group (SPIN). If possible, state any differences between current and previous service in addition to the price in the reporting quarter. This can be stated in the web form, or you can e-mail us for assistance at

Is my company obliged to participate in the survey?
Yes. There is an obligation to provide information for this survey in accordance with the Official Statistics Act (2001:99). This means that you are required by law to provide the information to Statistics Sweden.

How long will my company participate in the survey?
The sample is drawn every year, but only a part of the sample is updated annually, which means that it may take a few years for a unit to rotate. The idea is to maintain a certain continuity and comparability in the survey while spreading the response burden over time.

Publishing of the results

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