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International banking statistics (RUTS)

The Bank of International Settlements’ (BIS) international banking statistics, in Sweden called RUTS, illustrates the Swedish banking sector’s international interconnections. The statistics cover Monetary Financial Institutions (MFI) and is published on a quarterly basis by Statistics Sweden and by BIS. The statistics are compiled and published at both a consolidated and unconsolidated level, and are used for analyses of financial stability and of the internationalization of the banking sector. 

Statistics Sweden produces and publishes the statistics on behalf of the Riksbank.


Reporting in the RUTS template (pdf)

Instructions (pdf)

Sampling criteria (pdf)


RUTS locational (RUTSsv)

RUTSsv, version 20 (xlsm)

RUTSsv, version 20, showing underlying code in cells (xlsm)

RUTS sv, version 20, with summarizing formulas (xlsm)

Comparison RUTSsv 20 and MFI 31 (xlsx)

RUTS consolidated (RUTSkoBIS)

RUTSkoBIS, version 24 (xlsm)

RUTSkoBIS, version 24, showing underlying code in cells (xlsm)

Comparision between RUTSkoBIS 24 and RUTSsv 20 (xls)

RUTS consolidated, claims on the homecountry (RUTSkoBISh)

RUTSkoBISh, version 7 (xlsm)

RUTSkoBISh, version 7, showing underlying code in cells (xlsm)


File with former reporting templates (zip)

Additional information

RBFS 2018:1 The Riksbank’s Statue Book

BIS Guidelines to the international banking statistics (pdf) *

*The most recent guidelines from BIS are from 2019, but the corresponding changes to Statistics Sweden’s instructions for RUTS are implemented gradually. For reporting RUTS, Statistics Sweden’s instructions apply. Contact in case of questions.

Survey timetable

December 31 January
March 30 April
June 31 July
September 31 October

Publishing of the results

See the published statistics

Statistics Sweden publishes the international banking statistics as a part of financial markets statistics. Publication takes place on the 19th banking day in the second month after the reference period.

Financial Markets Statistics

Bank of International Settlements (BIS) also publishes the Swedish statistics together with statistics from other reporting countries. Publication takes place no longer than 17 weeks after the end of the reference period.   

BIS International Banking Statistics.

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