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Adult Education Survey (AES)

Official statistics of Sweden

The statistics show the percentage of adults participating in education, broken down by level of education, type of household, country of birth, sex and age. The survey is common to the EU and was carried out for the first time in Sweden 2005/2006 and subsequently since 2012. Comparable results from the EU countries are published by Eurostat.

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Adult participation in education 2016


Six out of ten employed persons aged 25–64 took part in staff training during a twelve-month period between 2015 and 2016. Staff training was most common among highly educated persons, and thereby also in occupational groups that require university studies. Three out of four participants consider that the staff training activity was useful to a large or fairly large extent within 12 months.

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Title Language Type Date
Staff training and other forms of adult education English Report 2018-02-26
Theme: Education 2014:3 Adult participation in education 2011/2012 English Rapport 2014-01-30

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