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Folk High School statistics

Upcoming publishing: 2022-02-09

Annual statistics on the participants in folk high school are presented by type of course, rate of study, field of education, level of education, national background, gender, region and year. Annual statistics on the educational staff and costs of the folk high school are also presented here.

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Eligibility after general courses


Between 6,000 and 7,000 people enrol in the folk high school general course at upper secondary level each year. Around 80 percent of them study for at least two consecutive terms and around one third attain basic eligibility for higher education or higher vocational education.

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Title Language Type Date
Eligibility after general courses English Report 2022-01-13
Folk high school spring and autumn term 2016 English SM 2017-12-20
Folk high-school spring and autumn term 2015 English SM 2016-12-14
Folk high school spring and autumn term 2014 English SM 2015-10-08
Folk high school spring and autumn term 2013 English SM 2014-05-16
Folk high school spring and autumn term 2012 English SM 2013-05-16

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