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Eligibility after general courses

One third of participants finish general course with basic eligibility for further studies

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden 2022-01-13 9.30

Between 6,000 and 7,000 people enrol in the folk high school general course at upper secondary level each year. Around 80 percent of them study for at least two consecutive terms and around one third attain basic eligibility for higher education or higher vocational education.

This is shown by new statistics on the study patterns of participants enrolled in the folk high school general course. The general course is mainly intended for people who have not completed compulsory or upper secondary school, and provides eligibility for further studies equalling that which is obtainable through upper secondary school or municipal adult education (komvux).

While many enrol in a general course at upper secondary level to obtain basic eligibility, other reasons are also common. It is mainly a matter of participants wishing to gain a stronger position in the labour market, studies for personal development or in preparation for further studies, such as within municipal adult education.

Most commonly, participants study for two terms, although the percentage of people who study for longer has risen in recent years. Those who attain eligibility study on average for two more terms than those who leave the general course without eligibility.

More details of the results for some groups of participants among new students at upper secondary level show, for example, that out of the participants, a higher percentage of people with disabilities finish with basic eligibility.


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