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Local and regional energy statistics 2016:

Most electricity are produced in Norrland while most electricity are used in western Sweden

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden and Swedish Energy Agency 2018-02-27 9.30

In Sweden, electricity is often produced and used in different places. Flows and deliveries of electricity cross both municipal and county boundaries. Some regions produce more than they use, while other regions use more than they produce.

By virtue of their rivers and hydroelectric power, Upper Norrland and Middle Norrland accounted for 38 percent of Sweden’s total electricity production. Regions with nuclear power plants also contributed significantly to electricity production: West Sweden produced 20 percent and East Middle Sweden contributed 19 percent. Only 1 per-cent of Sweden’s total electricity is produced in the Stockholm region. The regions are classified here in accordance with NUTS 2.

West Sweden is one of the largest regional producers and also the region that uses the most electricity. West Sweden includes Halland County and Västra Götaland County, where there are many industries and a large housing sector with a high level of electricity use. The Stockholm region is also a significant user of electricity. Housing also accounts for a large part of the use, but above all, the service sector (offices, commerce, hotels, restaurants, etc.) explains the high electricity consumption in this region.

For more details, download the 2016 municipal and regional energy statistics from Statistics Sweden’s website, where electricity and heat production, and final energy use in Sweden’s counties and municipalities are shown.

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