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Protected nature

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Upcoming publishing: 2022-05-24

The purpose of this survey is to give an overall view of protected areas in Sweden. Protected areas are defined here as statutory protection of nature regulated by the Environmental Code, such as national parks, nature reserves etc.

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Protected Nature 2020


The largest increase in nature reserve area came from the two new reserves Skånska Kattegatt in northwest Skåne and Ottenby rev south of Öland’s southern tip, and the expanded reserve Svenska Högarna in the northeast section of the Stockholm archipelago. Taken together, these account for an increase of 130 000 hectares.

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Title Language Type Date
Protected Nature 2020 English Report 2021-05-27
Protected Nature 2019 English SM 2020-05-27
Protected nature 2018. Corrected 2020-05-14 English SM 2019-05-24
Protected Nature 2017 English SM 2018-05-23
Protected nature 2014 English SM 2018-03-28
Protected nature 2016 English SM 2017-05-22
Protected nature 2015 English SM 2016-05-24
Protected nature 2013 English SM 2014-05-23

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