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Three percent live in smaller localities

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden 2016-12-19 9.30

According to Statistics Sweden's calculations, Sweden has 3 135 smaller localities. Taken together, they constitute 0.3 percent of the country's land area. Three percent of the country's population lives in a smaller locality. The smaller localities included in the statistics consist of contiguous settlements with 50-199 inhabitants.

Taken together, the urban areas and smaller localities take up less than 2 percent of Sweden's land area. At the same time, 90 percent of Sweden's population is registered in an urban area or smaller locality. According to Statistics Sweden, an urban area consists of a contiguous settlement with at least 200 inhabitants.

Population and land area: urban areas and smaller localities 2015


One-tenth of the surface area of smaller localities are areas of holiday homes

The area of holiday homes overlaps an average of 11 percent of the surface area of smaller localities. This means that the number of holiday homes in the areas is so large that they can be grouped into clusters in Statistics Sweden's statistics. Statistics Sweden defines the holiday home areas as a contiguous settlement consisting of at least 50 buildings classed as holiday homes.

One-tenth live outside urban areas and smaller localities

Ten percent of Sweden's population lives outside urban areas and smaller localities. Gotland county has the largest share at 29 percent. Stockholm county has the smallest share at 2 percent. In two of the country's municipalities, the population outside urban areas and smaller localities constitute more than one-half of the municipality's total population. These are the Bjurholm and Ydre municipalities. 

Population outside urban areas and smaller localities by municipality, percentage


Definitions and explanations

Smaller locality: Contiguous settlements with 50-199 registered inhabitants Urban area/locality: Contiguous settlements with at least 200 inhabitants Holiday home area: Concentration of a minimum of 50 buildings classified as holiday homes.

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