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Hazardous chemicals 2010:

Increased use of recycled metals

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden and Swedish Chemicals Agency 2012-05-03 9.30

The use of scrap metal is increasing. This applies for instance to waste and scrap of copper, nickel and lead.These are the findings in this year's report on hazardous chemicals from the Swedish Chemicals Agency and Statistics Sweden.

In 2010 roughly 60 000 tonnes of waste and scrap copper was used in Sweden. The corresponding figure in 2006 was only about 15 000 tonnes. The increase stems mainly from the import of scrap copper. Import of scrap of stainless steel increased from roughly 60 000 tonnes in 2009 to roughly 80 000 tonnes in 2010.

The use of diesel has increased and amounted to roughly 5 million tonnes in 2010 compared to roughly 3 million tonnes the year before. The use of ethanol as fuel has also increased from 320 000 tonnes in 2009 to 420 000 tonnes in 2010.

Significant amounts of chemicals are used within working life, but the differences among different industries are considerable. The most chemicals are used in the chemicals industry, or about 920 tonnes chemicals per employee. The chemicals industry produces petroleum products and pharmaceuticals. Because petroleum products are chemicals in themselves this is not so surprising. The use of chemicals per employee is also considerable in other industries. For instance, within agriculture the use is about 40 tonnes of chemicals per person and year. Petroleum products are also included here.


A more detailed report of this survey is published in a Statistical Report.

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