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Charges/rents for newly constructed dwellings 2015:

Higher rents in this year’s newly constructed rental dwellings

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden 2016-10-06 9.30

Rents per square metre for newly built rental dwellings in 2015 were SEK 1 694 for Sweden as a whole compared with SEK 1 587 for last year. Rents in this year’s newly built rental dwellings are 6.3 percent higher than newly produced dwellings last year.

A newly built rental dwelling with three rooms and kitchen had an average rent of 10 268 SEK a month in 2015.

Highest prices still in Greater Stockholm

The cost per square metre for newly built tenant-owned dwellings in 2015 was SEK 638 compared to SEK 645 in 2014.The monthly cost for a newly built tenant-owned dwelling in 2015 with three rooms and kitchen was an average of SEK 4 272.

The average price for newly built tenant-owned dwelling in 2015 was SEK 2 473 000. This is a decrease by roughly 4 percent compared with 2014. The average area for tenant-owned dwellings decreased from 79 square metres last year to 77 square metres this year.

There are large differences on the regional level. The price in 2015 for newly built tenant-owned dwellings was highest in Greater Stockholm at SEK 2 905 000, second highest in Greater Malmö at SEK 2 524 000 and lowest in municipalities with fewer than 75 0000 inhabitants at SEK 1 777 000. Prices for tenant-owned dwellings in 2015 are in general lower in the different regions, with the exception of municipalities with fewer than 75 0000 inhabitants, where prices on average are higher this year than last year.

Definitions and explanations

Be observant when comparing 2015 with 2014, since there may be structural differences between new production projects each year.

These statistics describe the situation for rental dwellings and tenant owned dwellings. As of 2008 these statistics do not include categorical dwellings (student accommodations and dwellings for the elderly and handicapped).

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