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Three out of four children live with both their parents

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden 2018-06-14 9.30

In Sweden, three out of four children below the age of 18 live with both their parents. Living with both parents is most common for younger children and children whose parents have a post-secondary education. The proportion is highest in Habo municipality and lowest in Skinnskatteberg, Degerfors and Norberg.

Of children living at home who are below the age of 18, three out of four, or 75 percent, live with both their original birth or adoptive parents. The proportion was somewhat lower, 73–74 percent, in the early 2000s and has remained at 75 percent since 2010. There are several reasons why a child does not live with both its parents; it may be that the parents never lived together, that the child previously lived with both parents who have now separated or that one of the parents is deceased.

Living with both parents is most common among the youngest children. Nearly nine out of ten of children below the age of two live with both parents, compared with six out of ten 17-year-olds. It is more common for older children to have parents who have separated. It is also more common to have experienced the death of a parent. Nearly 2 percent of children aged 13–17 have at least one deceased parent.

The proportion of children living with both parents is somewhat lower for children with a foreign background than for children with a Swedish background, at 73 and 75 percent, respectively. There are also differences depending on the parents’ educational level. Of children with parents whose highest education is an upper secondary education or lower, 66 percent live with both their parents, compared with 81 percent of children where at least one of the parents have a post-secondary education.

The educational level of parents is significant

Proportion of children living with both their original parents, by age of child and parents’ educational level, 2017. Percent

Difference between Swedish municipalities

Among Sweden’s municipalities, the proportion of children living with both their parents is highest in Habo, at 87 percent, followed by Lomma. The proportion is lowest in Skinnskatteberg, Degerfors and Norberg, at 64 percent.

Living with both parents is most common in Habo

Municipalities with the highest and the lowest proportion of children aged 0–17 living with both original parents, 2017. Percent

       Lowest percentage Highest percentage
64 Habo 87
Degerfors 64 Lomma 86
Norberg 64 Danderyd 83
Filipstad 65 Vaggeryd 83
Hofors 65 Älmhult 83

New statistics about children and families with children

The 2017 statistics on children and their families are now available in the Statistical Database. The statistics contain information on families with children, children’s type of family nucleus and siblings, adopted children, separations, children with a Swedish or foreign background and housing.

Definitions and explanations

The statistics cover children aged 0–17 who are registered in Sweden. The group ‘children living with both their parents’ include children registered in the same apartment as both their parents.

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