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A population forecast for Sweden is carried out every year, broken down by age, sex and country of birth group. A more comprehensive analysis is carried out every third year of future population trends, where a main alternative and alternative projections are produced. Follow-ups and revisions are carried out for the years in between.

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More older people in all counties and municipalities by 2040


Statistics Sweden annually publishes a population projection for Sweden’s counties and municipalities since 2020. The aim is to make the projection available to the public. The sum of the estimated population from the regional population projection is consistent with that from the national projection. The calculations are based on the assumption that the observed development patterns of the population will continue in the future. The calculations do not take into account municipalities’ planned housing construction, company establishment or other future goals and conditions. A projection cannot foretell the exactness of the future. Projections for the counties and municipalities that consider different scenarios are also possible.

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Title Language Type Date
The future population of Sweden 2022-2070 English Report 2022-04-13
Scenaries of asylum immigration and impact on the population English Report 2022-04-13
The future population in counties and municipalities of Sweden, 2021–2040 English Report 2021-06-03
Appendix, The future population of Sweden English Report 2021-04-28
The future population of Sweden 2021-2070 English Report 2021-04-28
The future population of Sweden 2020–2030 English SM 2020-06-03
The future population of Sweden 2020-2070 English SM 2020-04-08
The future population of Sweden 2019-2070 English SM 2019-04-12
The future population of Sweden 2018–2070 English Report 2018-04-26
The future population of Sweden 2016–2060 English Rapport 2018-03-13
The future population of Sweden 2017-2016 English SM 2017-04-06
The future population of Sweden 2015–2060 English Rapport 2015-05-19
The future population of Sweden 2014–2060 English SM 2014-04-15
Re-immigration of Swedish-born by background English Rapport 2014-02-14
Model for estimating re-emigration by reason for residence permit English Rapport 2012-02-06
The significance of time in Sweden for fertility English Rapport 2012-02-06
Return migration by time spent in Sweden English Rapport 2011-09-16
Model to forecast the re-immigration of Swedish-born English Rapport 2009-09-11
Population growth in municipality groups and the influence on total fertility English Rapport 2006-03-10
The fertility projection model description of the calculation of numbers of births English Rapport 2005-12-19
SCB's model for population projections English Rapport 2005-04-22
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